The Authors’ Collective Loukanikos (AutorInnenkollektiv Loukanikos) consists of Till Sträter, Elisabeth Steffen, Jana König, Uwe Fuhrmann and Henning Fischer and is based in Berlin, Germany.

Focusing mainly on radical history and the politics of history of the Left, the AC Loukanikos published the anthology “Zwischen Ignoranz und Inszenierung”, a study on the role of myth and history as part of national identity, in 2012. See a review in English here: Between Ignorance and Staging: The Present Significance of Myth and History for the Nation.

Following the publication of an excerpt from the book in the radical monthly analysis and critique (analyse und kritik (ak), see website here), several authors and scholars joined a debate in “ak” which was subsequently published in the special edition “history is unwritten” (see PDF here). The discussion revolved mainly on questions of how to approach history from a left perspective, the role of myth as an identificatory and mobilizing means – or pitfall – for social movements and the right ways to identify and damage the political elite’s and right wing movements’ historical narratives and campaigns.

In continuiation with the debate in “ak”, the AC Loukanikos organized a conference on the topic of the politics of history and memory, which aimed at bringing together critical scholars and political activists in December 2013. It was called “history is unwritten. Linke Geschichtspolitik und kritische Wissenschaft” and took place in Berlin (see the invitation in German here, the program here).
In 2015, the corresponding anthology “history is unwritten” documented the conference’s debates and included additional articles and essays concerning possibilities and problems the Left is facing when dealing with history (see the book at the publisher’s website here).

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